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Hi Gerald,

We will do some more pictures on Tuesday.  He is such a great puppy.  He is a nice mover.  I think he did very well for his first day of being worked with us.   Fred is supposed to come up on Wednesday to pick him up.  He is very anxious to see him and get him started for his show career.  We will keep you posted on everything he does and will send pics as often as you would like.  Hope you had a good Christmas.  Take care,




Hi Gerald!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with this puppy. Sherri is my go to person for showing but my area lies in the temperament  and socialization . All of my dogs excel at adaptability and good social skills and that is what I am known for. Sierra  is a pup that has exceeded my expectations in a thousand ways. As you know my dogs live as a pack and Sierra was accepted in from the first day she met them. She has a wonderful calm demeanour and fit in as if she was born here. We then threw her into visiting my work ( a large college) and she walked about the halls and offices with confidence. Shiny floors, steep steps, hustle and bustle never fazed her. You would be proud. Tomorrow she starts her puppy classes and is introduced to obstacles and more situations. She will fly through this I am sure, and then off to her first big specialty dog show as a spectator. What a wonderful life! I still need a boy, really loved your pictures of the boys and know I could do well with them up here and wished I had taken one knowing what I know now. There is always another day....


Good day to all G.S.D.  Fanciers,
One month ago myself and Dawn Trusty made a trip to Vancouver to meet our new puppy, "Sierra" as she is fondly known.We have so much good to say about this little girl, whom we believe would give her littermate sister "Layla" a run for the money on type and correct structure.The TEMPERAMENT on this little girl speaks volumes for the breedings comming from Gerald Roach's breeding program.I have personally had this breed in my life for over twenty five years and have bought very few dogs/bitches from other kennels, very rarely buying from a picture.I have been fairly fortunate to have gotten some very good ones from other kennels and also had some very sad situations with as many others.There were those that didn't make the cut in my life and not for a lack of exposure and real life situations to explore and play in comfortably.This girl Sierra has never taken a wrong step since she arrived and her personality is impeccable, she has travelled many hundreds of miles since she arrived in Canada in her short time of one month, attended as a spectator an 865 entry show. played with every imaginable puppy and their owners, attends when not on the road,puppy exposure obedience agility class each Sunday and self stacks like a hot damn! ! Dawn and I will be having some show ring class's this week and she's ready for that too.Sierra is just seventeen weeks old and she is winning many hearts as she goes along with her happy inteligent attitude.Well I guess I have really carried on about Sierra,but isn't this what our Breed should be all about? Newcommers into this breed will do well to try very hard to have these qualities in their kennels and keep in good standings with the breeders of record for as much learning as possible. Our hats off to Gerald for this  puppy, she will do his
program justice and we are as I said so pleased to call her ours!                      

Sharon P

Yesterday my 7 month old pups went in for a general check-up.  The vet  techs and the vet all said how pleasant it was to see German Shepherds  come in who have super temperaments and aren't afraid.  I was very  proud of the kids--they loved their trip out.  The temperament I  credit to breeder Gerald Roach--kudos to his breeding program!

Penny in NC


Just wanted to let you know that Miss Mabel is still doing great.  She slept the whole night in her crate except to go out and potty at about 3am no problems.  She has adjusted really well.  We were in the middle of laying down a new floor in the living room/kitchen (it was supposed to be done weeks ago, long story) and she has "helped" the whole time.  Very confident even amidst the banging of hammers, the circular saw, and the dust.  She is having a blast torturing the cats and has had very few accidents in the house.  We couldn't be happier with her.  I have her enrolled in puppy classes starting next Saturday to get her even more socialized.

OK........ I am not laughing anymore, just smiling!  Because, I have spend the last four days with the sweetest and best tempered puppy I have ever known. I have prided myself with some pretty great pups of my own, but none any nicer than this little guy, when it comes to personallity.He has empressed us all, with his naturally sense and ability to accept all that goes on around him. He picks up on things so so quickly and never seems frasseled or nervous. He got the word ball in a minute and picks it up, the ball, the second he is asked to.  He is so comfortable around the kids, Luke, Mia's son and my little Anna Maria, both six.

He only had one little accident, since he got here and that of all things...... he choose to have in the bathroom. He comes to his new name Jackson already and seems just happy with that.

When I left Mia's house tonight, he laid down beside her on the porch, ever so comfortable, with his two front feet just dangeling over the edge of the top step, looking as if he had always been there and I pictured for a second in my mind how he was going to look one day fully mature and quite magestic I am sure, with his tail wagging and I was sure everything is right where it should be.Mia is very happy and therefore my wish came true! Thank you,  for  being so kind and for being there right when I needed you too. Please say thank you to your lovely daughter Alexa for being such a good sport. Greeting from Canada, wishing you the best for the New Year.
Litha and family



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